Women’s History Month in Visual Arts~ March 1

Timarete (Thamar)

Clicking this image will take you to the The Bibliothèque Nationale web site where you can see a larger version.

Timarete was an ancient Greek painter who lived during the fifth century B.C. She has also been referred to as Thamyris, Tamaris, and Thamar. Almost nothing is known about her.

Pliny the Elder briefly mentions Timarete in his Natural History (77 A.D.) during his discussion of women artists…
“There have also been women artists – Timarete the daughter of Micon who painted the extremely archaic panel picture of Artemis at Ephesus…”

Timarete is one of three women artists mentioned in De Mulieribus Claris (1361–62), a collection of biographies of historical and mythological women by the Florentine author Giovanni Boccaccio, although he calls her Thamar.

“De Mulieribus Claris” was widely distributed in illuminated manuscripts and then as printed books. As a result there are a number of illuminations picturing Timarete as a medieval artist.

Timarete appears on the “Heritage Floor” as part of Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party installation (1979).

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