Classical Music Month~ September 28

Treatise on the Veil (First Version)

1968 / Oil and chalk on canvas / 100 1/5″x295 1/4″ / Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

Treatise on the Veil (Second Version)

1970 / Oil-based house paint and wax crayon on canvas / 118 1/8″x393 5/8″ / The Menil Collection, Houston, Texas

by Cy Twombly

“Orpheus holds a central place in Twombly’s work and he comes back again and again. Orpheus made his first appearance in Twombly’s work after he heard the French musique concrete composer Pierre Henry’s cantata Le Voile d’Orphée, written in 1953. In Twombly’s work, the music was made manifest in three works: Treatise on the Veil I (1968), Veil of Orpheus (1968), and Treatise on the Veil II (1970).”

[There are seven embedded links above]

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