Born January 7~ Marie Louisa Kirschner

Marie Louisa Kirschner (Kirschnerová) was a Czech-German painter, designer, and glass artist. Born January 7, 1852, in Prague to wealthy Jewish-German parents, she was the oldest of three sisters. The middle sister, Aloisia, went on to become a well-known author of romance novels under the pseudonym Ossip Schubin. The parents encouraged Aloisia, known as “Lola”, and Marie to pursue their artistic talents. Both received excellent educations and traveled extensively throughout Europe. Marie studied painting in Vienna, then Munich (where she participated in her first exhibitions), and then Paris.

Beginning in 1887 she moved to Berlin to live with Lola, where they hosted a popular salon for artists, writers, and musicians. Marie spent her summers in Prague. She painted primarily landscapes but did do some flower paintings and still lifes. In Berlin, Marie eventually began to concentrate more on interior design and decorative arts. Around the turn of the century, she had begun working with the Czechoslovakian art glass company Lötz Witwe, first as a painter but eventually as a designer, and this relationship lasted until 1913. Despite not being from Great Britain, Marie appeared in the 1876 book “English Female Artists” by Ellen Creathorne Clayton. She was a member of The American Women’s Club in Prague, the name of which was meant to indicate “modern”.

Marie returned permanently to Bohemia either at the beginning or the end of the First World War, depending on what source one consults. Marie died June 30, 1931 in Bohemia and was buried in the family cemetery in Prague. Aloisia died three years later and is also buried there. Neither sister had ever married. Marie Kirschner had won a number of awards at exhibitions in cities around the world. Sadly, despite the popularity they both enjoyed while alive, the sisters have faded into obscurity.

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