Born December 8~ Nellie V. Walker

Nellie Verne Walker (December 8, 1874-July 10, 1973) was an American sculptor. At 4’8″ and less than a hundred pounds, Walker seemed an unlikely candidate to be a sculptor. Because of her diminutive size and monumental work, she became known as “the lady who lived on ladders.”
Biography on Wikipedia:

“That Best Portion of a Good Man’s Life His Little Nameless Unremembered Acts of Kindness and of Love”
Shippey family monument by Nellie Verne Walker
1922 / Rosehiil Cemetery, Chicago / Photograph by Jim Craig

Nellie V. Walker’s obituary on

Further reading:
Nellie Verne Walker: An Appreciation by Josephine Craven on Google Books:

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