Women’s History Month in Visual Arts~ March 3

Woman Seated Upon the Beast by Ende

c.975 / Illuminated manuscript / 15 3/4”x10 1/4” / Girona Cathedral, Catalonia, Spain

Ende was a nun who worked as an artist on a collection of manuscripts at a Spanish monastery in the tenth century. The texts are copies of commentaries on the Apocalypse which were compiled in 786 by a monk named Beatus of Liebana. Ende signed her work with the Latin words pintrix et D[e]i aiutrix, “paintress and helper of god.”

The Girona Beatus is a 10th century illustrated manuscript of the Commentary on the Apocalypse by a Spanish monk, Saint Beatus of Liébana. A theologian and geographer, Beatus’ commentary explained the Apocalypse as depicted in the Book of Revelations and its importance to the state of the Catholic church.

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