June 2~ Pride Month

Nathalie Micas and Rosa Bonheur and Anna Klumpke

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The most popular artist of nineteenth-century France, Rosa Bonheur was also one of the first renowned painters of animals and the first woman awarded the Grand Cross by the French Legion of Honor. A professional artist with a successful career, Bonheur lived in two consecutive committed relationships with women.~ringlingdocents.org

Rosa Bonheur lived for over forty years with her childhood friend Nathalie Micas (1824-1889.) In the final year of her life she became close with [painter] Anna Klumpke (1856-1942), the author of her “autobiography.” Bonheur, Micas, and Klumpke are buried together at Père Lachaise Cemetery. ~findagrave.com


Normandy landscape with grazing sheep by Nathalie Micas
1874 / Oil on canvas / Private collection






The Horse Fair by Nathalie Micas (possibly) and Rosa Bonheur
1855 / Oil on canvas / The National Gallery, London, UK

Rosa Bonheur’s original version of The Horse Fair (now in the The Met in NY) was four times the size of the National Gallery picture, painted when the work of women artists was largely disregarded by critics. It caused a sensation at the 1853 Paris Salon, toured Britain and the US and brought Bonheur international fame. This smaller autograph version was painted to facilitate the making of prints for sale during the tour. ~The Horse Fair, The National Gallery

Rosa Bonheur by Anna Klumpke
1898 / Oil on canvas / Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, NY
The Portrait That Forged a “Divine Marriage” Between Two 19th-Century Women Painters~

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