June 3~ Pride Month

Louise Catherine Breslau and Madeleine Zillhardt

There are six links below:

< <<Madeleine Zillhardt was a French artist, writer, decorator and painter. Her life and her career are linked to another artist, the German-Swiss painter Louise Catherine Breslau >>>, of whom she was the companion, the muse and the inspirer. They lived together for more than forty years… ~Wikipedia

La Vie Pensive by Louise Breslau
1908 / Oil on canvas / Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland

The Place Louise-Catherine-Breslau-et-Madeleine-Zillhardt is situated in the 6th arrondissement of Paris…named in memory of German paintor Louise Catherine Breslau and French writer [and artist] Madeleine Zillhardt, by vote of the Council of Paris. ~Wikipedia

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