Born June 18~ Dorothy Weir Young

Dorothy Weir Young (June 18, 1890-May 28, 1947) was an American artist. She worked in multiple media including including oils, watercolors, and woodblock prints.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Theresa and Tommy by Dorothy Weir Young
c.1920 / Oil on canvas / 27-1/8″x34-1/8″ / BYU Museum of Art, Provo, UT

Dorothy Weir Young on Wikimedia Commons:

Further reading:
Artist: Dorothy Weir Young/State of Utah Art Collections
Dorothy Weir Young Artwork/Natonal Park Service

2 thoughts on “Born June 18~ Dorothy Weir Young

  1. This style of art is something I could live with comfortably, yet still find new things to appreciate and admire when pausing to take a look It doesn’t demand attention, but it rewards it.

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