David Hare: March 10, 1917-December 21, 1992

DavidHareBiography~ https://www.guggenheim.org/artwork/artist/david-hare

Exhibition catalogue at Weinstein Gallery, September 2012~

Tamarind lithographs~ https://tamarind.unm.edu/?s=David+Hare
New York Times obituary~

3 thoughts on “David Hare: March 10, 1917-December 21, 1992

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  2. Thank You for celebrating David Hare’s B-Day! His Art and ethos are as pertinent, refreshing and revolutionary today as they were during his life. Love-Time-Change: these were his subjects spanning six decades through the mediums of photography, drawing, painting, collage, lithograph and sculpture. His intensity and intellect are apparent in every work. Hundreds of Art students were inspired by his teachings, learned to trust the process of “letting go” to access originality. Hare’s works have graced my home for decades and reminded me every day of his genius. I’m validated every time I see his Art in museums and on sites such as this one and The Art Story.

  3. Thank you. I confess to not bring familiar with David Hare before finding him in a search for artists’ birthdays. It was a nice discovery!

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