Born February 12~ Sella Hasse

Sella Hasse (February 12, 1878-April 27, 1963) was a German painter and graphic artist.
Biography on German Wikipedia:

Telegraph Workers (Telegrafenarbeiter) by Sella Hasse
from the periodical Die Lebenden, vol. 3, no. 1/2 (Feb 1930)

1930 (print executed 1929) / Woodcut / Image: 6 5/16″x4 5/16″ / The MoMALibrary, NYC

Sella Hasse on Artnet:

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Born February 11~ Ellen Day Hale

Ellen Day Hale (February 11, 1855-February 11, 1940) was an American Impressionist painter and printmaker.
Biography on Wikipedia:

June by Ellen Day Hale
c.1893 / Oil on canvas / 24″x18 1/8″ / National Museum of Women in the Arts

Ellen Day Hale on Artnet:

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Born February 10~ Anna Boch

Anna Rosalie Boch (February 10, 1848-February 25, 1936) was a Belgian painter. In addition, Boch compiled an important collection of impressionist art, and was long believed to have been the only buyer of a van Gogh painting during his lifetime.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Woman in a Landscape by Anna Boch
c.1890-1892 / Oil on canvas / 39 3/4″x30 / Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ann Boch on Artnet:

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Born February 8~ Minnie Lois Murphy

Best known as a printmaker, Minnie Lois Murphy (1901-1962) was affiliated with the WPA Federal Art Project. The Smithsonian says she was born on February 8th.
Biography on askART:

Flower Study by Minnie Lois Murphy
c.1930s / Wood engraving on paper / Image: 10 3/4″x7 3/4″
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum, Hyde Park, NY

Minnie Lois Murphy on Artnet:

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Born February 7~ Ethel Carrick

Ethel Carrick (February 7, 1872-June 17, 1952), also known by her married name Ethel Carrick Fox, was an English-born Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painter.
Biography on Wikipedia:

La Marée Haute à Saint Malo by Ethel Carrick
c.1911-12 / Oil on canvas / 31″x25 1/5″ / Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Ethel Carrick Fox on Artnet:

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Born February 4~ Mary Frank

Mary Frank (born February 4, 1933) is an English sculptor, painter, printmaker, draftswoman, and illustrator.
Biography at the Paris Review:

Cusp #1 by Mary Frank
2015-17 / Archival pigment print on bamboo paper / 21 1/2″x16 1/2″ /

Mary Frank on Artnet:

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Born February 2~ Loren MacIver

Loren MacIver (February 2, 1909-March 3, 1998) was an American painter and the first woman represented in MoMA’s permanent collection.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Downstairs by Loren MacIver
c.1936-1939 / Oil on canvas / 30 1⁄4″x20 1⁄8″ / Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC

Loren MacIver on Artnet:

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Born February 1~ Doris Lee

Doris Lee (February 1, 1905-June 16, 1983) was an American painter known for her figurative painting and printmaking.
Biography on Wikipedia:

“Country Post” (Detail) by Doris Lee
1938 / Mural, oil on canvas / 72″x163″
William J. Clinton Federal Building (formerly the Ariel Rios Federal Building), DC

Doris Lee on Artnet:

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Born January 30~ Maud Hunt Squire

Maud Hunt Squire (January 30, 1873 – October 25, 1954) was an American painter and printmaker.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Untitled by Maud Hunt Squire
1929 / Watercolor and graphite on paper / 19″x24 1/4″ / Private collection

Maud Hunt Squire on Artnet:

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Born January 29~ Elisabeth Büchsel

Elisabeth Büchsel (January 29, 1867-July 3, 1957) was a German painter known for her Impressionist portraits and landscapes.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Hiddense fishermen at the Garden Fence by Elisabeth Büchsel
1913 / Oil on canvas / Stralsund Museum, Stralsund, Germany

Elisabeth Büchsel on Artnet:

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