May 31, 1927~ Ford Motor Company stops producing the Model T

Henry Ford by Ernest Hamlin Baker

1941 / Gouache, ink, and graphite pencil on paperboard / 10 3/8”x9 1/4” / National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC

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May 30, 1498~ Columbus departs with 6 ships for 3rd trip to America

Columbus Day Painting by Titus Kaphar

2014 / Oil and mixed media on canvas / 67 3/4”x90 3/4”x4”
Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL, long-term loan from Dr. Robert B. Feldman

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May 26, 1896~ Coronation of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna [May 14 OS]

The Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II at the Dormition Cathedral
of the Moscow Kremlin on 14/26 May 1896 by Laurits Tuxen

1898 / Oil on canvas / 26”x34 1/2” / The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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May 20, 1883~ Krakatoa’s first activity in 200+ years; eruptions turn deadly August 26

Atmospheric effects of the Krakatoa eruption by William Ascroft (1832-1914, British)

Chromolithographic reproduction of pastel sketches; used as front piece for “The Eruption of Krakatoa, and Subsequent Phenomena:
Report of the Krakatoa committee of the Royal Society (1888)” / 11 3/5”x8 1/2” / Houghton Library, Harvard University

Clouds Like Blood: How a 19th-Century Volcano Changed the Color of Sunsets~

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May 16, 1891~ Panorama artist John Banvard dies

John Banvard, creator of “Grand Panorama of the Mississippi”, by Charles Baugniet

1849 / Hand-colored lithograph with tint-stone on paper / 19 3/16”x14 5/8” / National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

“Description of Banvard’s panorama of the Mississippi river, painted on three miles of canvas: exhibiting a view of country 1200 miles in length, extending from the mouth of the Mississippi river to the city of New Orleans; being by far the largest picture ever executed by man”

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