April 1, 2019~ April Fools’ Day

April Fool: Girl with Shopkeeper by Norman Rockwell

1948 / Cover illustration for April 3, 1948 “The Saturday Evening Post” / Norman Rockwell Museum Digital Collections

Can you find all 57 “errors” in Rockwell’s Girl with Shopkeeper cover of The Saturday Evening Post?
Click on the image to enlarge it. Click here for the answers~ https://www.nrm.org/2009/04/fools-gold-answers/

1943 Rockwell April Fools painting~ https://www.nrm.org/2018/03/april-fools-2018/

1945 Rockwell April Fools painting~ https://www.nrm.org/2019/03/april-fools-2019/

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March 31, 1889~ Construction of the Eiffel Tower is completed

Champs de Mars: The Red Tower by Robert Delaunay

1911 / Oil on canvas / 63 1/4”x50 5/8” / Art Institute of Chicago

Robert Delaunay’s Eiffel Tower Series~
Art and the Eiffel Tower~


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March 27, 1790~ Modern shoelace with aglet patented

An aglet is the small plastic or fiber tube that binds the end of a shoelace (or similar cord) to prevent fraying and to allow the lace to be passed through an eyelet or another opening. This comes from the Latin word for “needle.” The modern shoestring (string and shoe holes) was first invented in England in 1790 (first recorded date March 27). Before shoestrings, shoes were commonly fastened with buckles.

Shoes, 1888 by Vincent van Gogh

1888 / Oil on canvas / 18”x21 3/4” / The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

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March 24, 1603~ James VI of Scotland ascends to the English throne

King James VI of Scotland, later James I of England, at 20
attributed to Adrian Vanson

c.1586 / Oil on panel / 13 3/4”x10” / National Trust for Scotland, Falkland Palace & Garden

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March 20, 1923~ Picasso’s first U.S. solo show in a noncommercial setting

Catalogue Cover for Original Drawings by Pablo Picasso

1923 / Catalogue of exhibition of original drawings by Pablo Picasso
Presented in The Art Institute of Chicago; hosted by The Arts Club of Chicago

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