National Arts and Humanities Month~ October 3

“Art That Inspires Us to Vote”

Illustrations by Mai Ly DegnanRudy GutierrezAnita KunzTim O’BrienWhitney Sherman, and Yuko Shimizu

One of the most famous American painters and illustrators, Norman Rockwell produced pithy artwork to promote democracy and civic engagement in his time. Now, a museum in Massachusetts dedicated to him asked artists to design “get out the vote” posters for 2020.
Source: The Norman Rockwell Museum wants you to vote, and recruited top illustrators to inspire you – CNN

“The Unity Project is an art and civics initiative of the Norman Rockwell Museum and contemporary illustrators that is dedicated to an inclusive America in which all voices are heard.
Inspired by the rich and continuing tradition of American illustration, this project inspires us to consider the integral role that published imagery plays in creating cultural narratives which connect us to our times.”  ~The Unity Project

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October is National Arts and Humanities Month

Show Your Art is a social media campaign designed to promote awareness of National Arts and Humanities Month and engage the public in celebrating the power and diversity of the arts in our lives. This year’s campaign, #ShowYourArt2020, once again features a unique theme for each day in October to inspire you to express yourself.

This month I am sharing a daily post featuring artwork or an artist
that I feel expresses that day’s Show Your Art theme.

Classical Music Month~ September 30

Georg Adam Scheid‘s music room by Josef Maria Auchentaller

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6, known as the Pastoral Symphony, inspired…Auchentaller (1865-1949) to create a monumental pictorial program in 1898/99 to adorn the music room at the villa of his father-in- law, the silver jewelry manufacturer Georg Adam Scheid. The ensemble, consisting of five paintings, represents the first artistic-pictorial realization of all movements of a Beethoven symphony and is a singular example of the tradition of music rooms, which experienced its heyday around 1900.”

Left: Dance of the Fairies / Oil on canvas / 230 × 185 cm
The Victor & Martha Thonet Collection Galerie punkt12, Vienna, Austria

Right: Fairy by the Brook / Oil on canvas / 175×73 cm
The Victor & Martha Thonet Collection Galerie punkt12, Vienna, Austria

Photo montage of the Beethoven music room in Villa Scheid, 1898/99
© Andreas Maleta, from the Victor & Martha Thonet Collection Galerie punkt12, Vienna, Austria
Photo: AMP, Andreas Maleta Press & Publication, Vienna, 2020

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Classical Music Month~ September 29

Double Canon, for string quartet (“Raoul Dufy in Memoriam”) by Igor Stravinsky

“Strawinsky never once met the painter during his lifetime: whether his bright style which overflowed with light spoke to Strawinsky in particular can only be conjectured. Stravinsky dedicated “the Double Canon in memoriam Dufy” later on for no obvious reason that can be found in the literature.”

Self-portrait by Raoul Dufy

20th century / Lithograph / 14 3/4″x11 1/8″ / Dallas Museum of Art, Texas

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