Born September 26~ Mary Shepard Greene

Mary Shepard Greene Blumenschein (September 26, 1869-May 24, 1958) was an American painter, illustrator, and jewelry designer.
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“Dorothy Speaks in Meeting” / Illustration by Mary Shepard Greene
1915 / Story by Maravene Thompson in The American Magazine, February issue

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Born July 22~ Claire Falkenstein

Claire Falkenstein (July 22, 1908-October 23, 1997) was an American sculptor, painter, printmaker, jewelry designer, and teacher best known for her large-scale fusions of metal and melted glass.
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Conic by Claire Falkenstein
1959 / Brazed copper / 70″x38-1⁄2″x10-1⁄2″ / Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC

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