Born March 8~ Aenne Biermann

Aenne Biermann (March 8, 1898-January 14, 1933) was a self-taught artist who became a well-known figure in German avant-garde photography.
Biography on The Encyclopedia of Jewish Women:

Würfelbecher (Dice Cup) by Aenne Biermann
1928–1929 / Gelatin silver print / 6 1/2″x4 4/5″ / Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany

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Born March 2~ Irena Blühová

Irena Blühová (March 2, 1904-November 30, 1991) was a political activist and one of the first Slovak women photographers.
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Jolanda by Irena Blühová
1933 / Gelatin silver print / 11″x15″ / The Museum of Avant-garde

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Born February 3~ Thora Hallager

Thora Hallager (February 3,1821-June 16, 1884) was a Danish photographer. She was Denmark’s earliest female photographer.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Self Portrait by Thora Hallager
Scan from negative / Royal Danish Library Digital Collections

Thora Hallager’s photographs of Hans Christian Andersen

Further reading: (in Danish)
Letters from Hans Christian Andersen to Thora Hallager (in Danish)

Born January 25~ Bertha Wehnert-Beckmann

Bertha Wehnert-Beckmann (January 25, 1815-December 6, 1901) was possibly the first professional female photographer in the world.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Portrait of Johannes Brahms by Bertha Wehnert-Beckmann
c.1853 / Salt print / 8″x6 1/4″ / State Art Collections, Dresden, Germany

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Born January 18~ Lucia Moholy

Lucia Moholy (January 18, 1894-May 17, 1989) was a photographer
and a key figure in the Bauhaus art school.

Biography on Wikipedia:

Physicist Patrick Blackett by Lucia Moholy
1936 / Bromide print / 15 3/4″x12 1/4″ / National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

Lucia Moholy at the National Portrait Gallery:

Lucia Moholy at the Harvard Art Museums:

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Born January 11~ Marsha Burns

Marsha Burns (born Seattle, WA, 1945) is an American photographer.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Untitled by Marsha Burns
1978 / Gelatin silver print / 8 5/8″x6 5/8″ / Princeton University Art Museum, NJ

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Born January 5~ Madame Yevonde

Madame Yevonde was the professional name of photographer Yevonde Cumbers.
Biography on British Council website:

Writer, artist and dancer Doris Louise Cleghorn Church / c.1915
Matte collodion printing-out paper print / National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

Motor-racing driver and aviator Jill Scott / Photographed 1938
Modern Vivex colour print, 1990 / National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

Madame Yevonde, NPG collection:

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