Born April 7~ Sister Gertrude Morgan

Sister Gertrude Morgan (April 7, 1900-July 8, 1980) was a self-taught African-American artist, musician, poet, and preacher.
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New Jerusalem by Sister Gertrude Morgan
N.D. / Acrylic and ink on pieced card / 6 3/4″x7 3/4″ / Private collection

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December 9, 1531~ Apparition of the Virgin appears to Mexican Juan Diego

Virgen de Guadalupe by Miguel González

c.1698 / Oil on canvas on wood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl (Enconchado)
Unframed: 39”x27 1/2” / Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA

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June 27, 1844~ LDS founder Joseph Smith & his brother killed by a mob

Interior of Carthage Jail by C.C.A. Christensen

c.1878 / Tempera on muslin / 78”x120” / Brigham Young University Museum of Art

From “A Panorama of Mormon Life”, a 175-foot canvas scroll of 23 paintings depicting LDS Church history

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May 13, 1373~ Julian of Norwich healed of illness after a series of visions

Title page for Revelations of Divine Love from a design by Phoebe Anna Traquair

Julian of Norwich wrote the earliest surviving book in the English language attributed to a woman.
Never beatified, Julian is honored on the unofficial feast day of May 13.

March 1907, London, Methuen and Company / First published July 1901
Written by Julian of Norwich (1342-sometime after 1416),
edited by Grace Harriet Warrack (1855-1932) / Digital edition:

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