Hispanic Artists~September 5

Madonna and Child, Saints and Angels  by  Vicente Juan Masip

Early 16th century / Tempera and gold leaf on board / 62 3/8”x44 1/2”x3 5/8”
Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona
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The Crucifixion  by  Luis de Morales

c.1566 / Oil on panel / 65”x54 1/3” / Prado National Museum, Madrid

Self Portraits~August 30

Self-Portrait, New York City  by  Richard Avedon

2002 / Gelatin silver print / Sheet: 24 7/8”x57” / Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Self Portrait with Red Braces  by
David Hockney

2003 / Watercolor on paper
/ 24”x18 1/8”
/ Private collection

Pride Month~ June 20

Jasper Johns (Born 1930)
Iconic artist defined the period between Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art

Watchman / 1967 / Lithograph / Sheet: 36 1/16”x24 3/16″



David Hockney (Born 1937)
British painter, printmaker, photographer, and designer

Blue Interior and Two Still Lifes / 1965 / Acrylic on canvas / 57”x56 3/4”

Pride Month~ June 2

Michelangelo (1475-1564) Sculptor, painter, draftsman, architect, and poet

Doni Tondo / 1505-1506 / Tempera grassa (tempera and oil) on wood / 47 1⁄2” diameter






Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571)
Goldsmith, sculptor, draftsman, soldier, and musician

Perseus With The Head of Medusa / 1545-1554 / Bronze / approx. 17’ high, incl. base

Pride Month~ June 1

Donatello (c.1386–1466)
The greatest sculptor of the early Renaissance

St. George / 1417 / Marble / Height 6’10”



Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect, and engineer

The Virgin of the Rocks / 1483-1486 / Oil on panel, transferred to canvas in 19th century / 78.3”x48”


Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/18~

This 16th century Italian artist established the local tradition of historical fresco painting through his many decorations of Genoese churches and palaces.

This Flemish artist was active in the southern Netherlands at the time when demand was high for decorative schemes embodying the tenets of the Counter-Reformation.

Answers here~ https://schristywolfe.com/2015/11/18/november-18/

Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/23~

After working since the 1870s in the Impressionist style, this French painter and printmaker’s colors began to grow somber after 1900, reflecting his shift to portraying biblical, courtroom, and World War I scenes.

Per his request, this American installation artist and assemblage sculptor was buried in the front seat of his brown 1940 Packard Coupe with a dollar, a deck of cards, a bottle of Chianti, and the ashes of his dog.

Answers here~ https://schristywolfe.com/2015/10/23/october-23/

Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/2~

Which 18th century landscape painter and his brother, two of the many famous painters from the Dutch city of Dordrecht, were pupils of their father?

Which photographer studied painting in college but pursued photography instead, becoming best known for her portraits of VIPs and celebrities?

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