Autoportrait Day 31~ Eugenie Tripier Le Franc

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

French artist Eugenie Tripier Le Franc (1797-1872)

Self-Portrait attributed to Eugénie Tripier Le Franc / Brown ink, graphite,
and white opaque watercolor on wove paper / Brooklyn Museum, NYC

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Born November 5~ Anna Maria van Schurman

Anna Maria van Schurman (November 5, 1607-May 4, 1678) was a Dutch painter, engraver, poet, and scholar. A highly educated woman, she excelled in art, music, and literature, and became proficient in fourteen languages.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Self portrait by Anna Maria van Schurman
c.1640 / Pastel on paper / 12-3/5″x9-4/5″ / Museum Martena, Franeker, The Netherlands

Anna Maria van Schurman on Google Arts & Culture:

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Born October 21~ Brigitte Coudrain

Brigitte Coudrain (born October 21, 1934) is a French engraver, painter, and illustrator.
Biography on Wikipedia:

New York City by Brigitte Coudrain
1967 / Color lithograph / 21″x18″ / Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC

Brigitte Coudrain on Artnet:

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Born August 10~ Susanne Maria von Sandrart

Susanne Maria von Sandrart (August 10, 1658-December 20, 1716) was a German artist and engraver.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Reading Woman and Big Cat, Looking in the Mirror by Susanne Maria von Sandrart
Pen and ink drawing / Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg, Germany

Susanne Maria von Sandrart on Google Arts and Culture:

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In the shadow of big names: The artist Susanna Maria von Sandrart via Google Translate
Portrait of Susanna Maria von Sandrart via Google Translate

Born March 25~ Maria Tesselschade Visscher

Maria Tesselschade Visscher (March 25, 1594-June 20, 1649) was a Dutch poet and engraver.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Engraved Roemer attributed to Maria Tesselschade Visscher
c.1625-1650 / Glass with diamond engraving / Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Article featuring Maria Tesselschade and her sister Anna:

Further reading:
in Dutch: a biography of Maria Tesselschade Visscher
Google translation: “New finds give Maria Tesselschade a face”

Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month~ Day 12

Indian Squirrel and Tamarind by William Hooker after James Forbes

1769 / Hand-colored aquatint engraving / 11 3/4″x8 7/8″ approx.
Various collections, including the British Library, London, UK

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The Art & Science of Indian Botanicals

Black History Month in Visual Arts~ February 2

Henry Bibb by Patrick H. Reason

1849 / Illustration for “Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, An American Slave, Written by Himself”
Various collections, incl.
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division

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July 30, 1729~ Maryland General Assembly establishes the Town of Baltimore

View of Baltimore by William Henry Bartlett

c.1840 / 4 4/5”x7” / Steel plate engraving by S. Fisher for
“American Scenery, Vol. II” (of 2) by Nathaniel Parker Willis

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July 14, 1853~ Opening of the Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations in NYC

Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations Medal
Johannes Adam Simon Oertel (designer) / Charles Cushing Wright (manufacturer)

1853 / Metal: Bronze, Silver, or Copper / 2 1/4” diameter / Private & public collections, incl. Museum of the City of New York

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New York Crystal Palace 1853~

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