Born August 24~ Antoinette Bouzonnet-Stella

Antoinette Bouzonnet-Stella (August 24, 1641-1676) was a French engraver. She and her siblings moved in with their uncle, painter Jacques Stella. The family frequently collaborated in painting, engraving, and publishing prints.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Romulus and Remus Found by Shepherds by Antoinette Bouzonnet-Stella, after Antoine Bouzonnet-Stella
1676 / Etching / 14-3/4″x19″ / Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Born August 20~ Teresa del Pò

Teresa del Pò (August 20, 1649-August 5, 1716) was an Italian painter and engraver of the late Baroque.
Biography translated from Italian Wikipedia:

Magdalena in Ecstasy attributed to Teresa del Pò
1678 / Silverpoint, watercolor on parchment / 9-1/10″x6-9/10″ / Private collection

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Born August 10~ Susanne Maria von Sandrart

Susanne Maria von Sandrart (August 10, 1658-December 20, 1716) was a German artist and engraver.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Reading Woman and Big Cat, Looking in the Mirror by Susanne Maria von Sandrart
Pen and ink drawing / Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg, Germany

Susanne Maria von Sandrart on Google Arts and Culture:

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Portrait of Susanna Maria von Sandrart via Google Translate

Born March 25~ Maria Tesselschade Visscher

Maria Tesselschade Visscher (March 25, 1594-June 20, 1649) was a Dutch poet and engraver.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Engraved Roemer attributed to Maria Tesselschade Visscher
c.1625-1650 / Glass with diamond engraving / Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Article featuring Maria Tesselschade and her sister Anna:

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in Dutch: a biography of Maria Tesselschade Visscher
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Born March 3~ Helen Phillips

Helen Elizabeth Phillips (March 3, 1913-January 22, 1994) was an American sculptor, printmaker, and graphic artist active in San Francisco, New York, and Paris.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Rencontre (The Meeting) by Helen Phillips
1954 / Color Intaglio / Image: 24 3/4×19″ / Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, CA

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Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month~ Day 12

Indian Squirrel and Tamarind by William Hooker after James Forbes

1769 / Hand-colored aquatint engraving / 11 3/4″x8 7/8″ approx.
Various collections, including the British Library, London, UK

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The Art & Science of Indian Botanicals

Women’s History Month in Visual Arts~ March 5

The Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael Adoring the Madonna and Child
by Diana Scultori, thought to derive from a drawing by Giulio Romano

c.1588? / Engraving / 13 1/4”x10 5/8” / Various collections, incl. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Diana Scultori was born in Mantua, Italy and is one of the earliest known women printmakers.

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Black History Month in Visual Arts~ February 2

Henry Bibb by Patrick H. Reason

1849 / Illustration for “Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, An American Slave, Written by Himself”
Various collections, incl.
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division

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August 16, 1916~ Migratory Bird Convention (Treaty) signed

Great Blue Heron by Robert Havell, Jr. after John James Audubon

The Birds of America: From Original Drawings by John James Audubon
“Drawn from nature by J. J. Audubon F.R.S. F.L.S.” “Engraved, printed & coloured by R. Havell, 1834”

1834 / Hand-colored engraving and aquatint on paper / 39 3/4”x26 15/16” / Various collections

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The Migratory Bird Treaty~

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