Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/21~

What artist progressed from a freelance illustrator of ornithological books to establishing wildlife art as a genre?

What artist created a tall topiary sculpture of a West Highland White Terrier puppy comprised of soil and living flowers?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/20~

One of the most influential ceramic designers of the 20th century, this British ceramic artist was herself inspired by the Art Deco, Cubism, and De Stijl movements.

In 1863, this photographer’s innovations in the field were finally officially acknowledged when he received the prestigious cross of the French Legion of Honor.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/19~

Which Post-Impressionist artist was one of the most influential in modern painting, anticipating both Matisse and Picasso?

Which artist’s manipulations of her own image have inspired painters, performance artists, and video artists as well as other photographers?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/17~

What American figurative sculptor’s lifelike figures, made of cast fiberglass and polyester resin and dressed in everyday clothes, often fooled the public into believing that they were viewing real people?

What cartoonist left Havana for New York in May 1960, knowing only Spanish, but with his daughter acting as interpreter went to the offices of Mad Magazine with his drawings and was hired on the spot?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/16~

What American modernist painter and teacher, born and raised on a farm, dropped out of high school in 1923 and began visiting Manhattan to copy paintings at the Metropolitan Museum?

What American fine art photographer worked as an assistant to photographer Dorothea Lange from 1961 to 1962 and later (1967–68) to filmmaker and photographer Robert Frank?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/15~

This youngest member of De Stijl worked in numerous mediums, but three-dimensional relief — which he developed into a high art form — came to dominate his output.

This American sculptor, printmaker, and draftswoman is a pioneer with her use of unconventional materials, including scavenging and repurposing objects.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/14~

What French painter, one of the few 19th century female artists who exhibited with both the Paris Salon and the Impressionists, produced over 350 works of art, most of which featured either women or children?

What street photographer of American life from the 1950s through the early 1980s received three Guggenheim Fellowships, a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, and published four books?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/12~

This 17th century Flemish painter is considered one of the originators of the genre of the pronkstillevens (sumptuous still lifes depicting objects, fruits, flowers, and dead game).

This American artist grew so tired of the demands of being the “leading portrait painter of his generation” that by 1907 he pledged not to accept any more portrait commissions.

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