Born June 5~ Jean Follett

Jean Follett (June 5, 1917-July 6, 1990) was an American sculptor and assemblage artist. She was a member of the New York abstract art movement of the 1940s and 1950s.
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Many-Headed Creature by Jean Follett
1958 / Light switch and socket, cooling coils, window screen, nails, faucet knobs, mirror, twine, cinders, castor, springs, wood, wire chain, and rope on wood panel / 24″x24″x4-3/4″ / MoMA, NYC

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December 28~ Animals in Art

Pink Cow on Yellow Background Wallpaper by Andy Warhol

1966 / Screenprint on paper rolls / Various sizes / Various collections
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Kuamanbo (Ram) Helmet Mask* / Baule people of Ivory Coast

c.1970s /Paint and pigment on wood / Dimensions? / Second Face Museum of Cultural Masks, online*
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so I have disabled the links. I apologize for the inconvenience.]

December 24~ Animals in Art

Dugn’be (Bull Mask) / Bijagó people, Bissagos (Bijagós) Islands, Guinea-Bissau

Late 19th to mid-20th century / Wood, cow horns, glass, plant fiber, and paint /
10 5/8”x19 11/16”x11 13/16” / Smithsonian National Museum of African Art
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The World Cow  by  Franz Marc

1913 / Oil on canvas / 27 7/8”x55 5/8″ / The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

Hispanic Artists~September 29

Mallasa  by  María Luisa Pacheco

1980 / Oil on canvas / 50”x39” / Museum of Republic Bank Art Collection, Bogota, Colombia


Corona de Espina  by
Rubén Ortiz Torres

1991 / Lithograph and Woodcut
/ 20 7/8”x14 3/4”
/ Edition of 40

Artist Birthday Quiz for 1/17~

What American figurative sculptor’s lifelike figures, made of cast fiberglass and polyester resin and dressed in everyday clothes, often fooled the public into believing that they were viewing real people?

What cartoonist left Havana for New York in May 1960, knowing only Spanish, but with his daughter acting as interpreter went to the offices of Mad Magazine with his drawings and was hired on the spot?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/23~

After working since the 1870s in the Impressionist style, this French painter and printmaker’s colors began to grow somber after 1900, reflecting his shift to portraying biblical, courtroom, and World War I scenes.

Per his request, this American installation artist and assemblage sculptor was buried in the front seat of his brown 1940 Packard Coupe with a dollar, a deck of cards, a bottle of Chianti, and the ashes of his dog.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/16~

This Italian sculptor completed more than 150 bronze sculptures, primarily of wildlife, working from live animal models at zoos and abandoning a piece if he could not complete it in one sitting.

This American photographer and filmmaker embraced the ideas of modern painting and sculpture but applied it to his photography, making him a pioneer in 20th century avant-garde photography.

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