Autoportrait Day 288~ Isabel Rawsthorne

A random survey of self-portraits created by women through the centuries

British artist, set designer, and artist’s model
Isabel (Lambert) Rawsthorne (1912-1992)

1. Head with Rose, 1945 / Painting / Warwick Llewellyn Nicholas Estate

2. Seated figure (from sketchbook), c.1936 / Pencil on paper / Tate Archive, London, UK

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“Isabel Rawsthorne: artist and muse” on Art UK:

“What’s in a surname? The female artists lost to history because they got married”:

Born November 6~ Tatiana Bruni

Tatiana Guéorguiévna Bruni (November 6, 1902-September 19, 2001) was a Russian costume and set designer, painter, graphic artist, and teacher. She created designs for more than two hundred productions.
Biography on ARTinvestmentRU:

Puss in Boots by Tatiana Bruni
ND / Watercolor and gouache over pencil heightened with white / 15-3/4″x15-2/5″ / Private collection

Tatiana Bruni on Artnet:

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Born October 31~ Marie Laurencin

Marie Laurencin (October 31, 1883-June 8, 1956) was a French painter, printmaker, illustrator, and stage designer. Although influenced by cubism and fauvism, she developed her own delicate approach.
Biography on Wikipedia:

Perfect Little Girls by Marie Laurencin
1913 / Oil on panel / 21″x16-1/2″ / Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA

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Classical Music Month~ September 8

Table XV. Baba-Yaga’s Hut by Vasily Kandinsky

“For artist Wassily Kandinsky, the [‘Pictures at an Exhibition‘] cycle served as a basis for his first and only theater project, which was premiered in the German city of Dessau in 1928. Wassily Kandinsky was out to create a synthetic ‘Gesamtkustwerk‘. For him, that meant that sounds took on hues that listeners could see before their eyes as they listened to the music. It was intended to be a Gesamtkustwerk of sound, color and motion.”

1928 / Graphite, India ink, and watercolor on paper
11 4/5″x15 3/4″ / Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

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June 15~ Pride Month

Robert Colquhoun and Robert MacBryde

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MacBryde moved to Glasgow to study at the School of Art from 1932–1937 and met Colquhoun, who won a scholarship to study there in 1933, a year later. From that point onwards they became inseparable.
The Painters Colquhoun & McBryde (The Two Roberts) by Ian Fleming
1937-1938 / Oil on canvas / The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections, Scotland, UK

Woman with a Goat by Robert Colquhoun
ND / Oil on canvas / Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool, UK












Still Life, Vegetables by Robert MacBryde (1913–1966)
ND / Oil on canvas / Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums, Scotland, UK

June 11~ Pride Month

Charles Demuth and Robert E. Locher

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From 1909 onwards, Demuth maintained a romantic relationship with Robert Evans Locher, an Art Deco interior decorator and stage designer [and illustrator, educator, and industrial designer]… ~Wikipedia

…a third theme of Demuth’s work was homosexuality…When Demuth died, he left his Lancaster partner Robert Locher his watercolors and works on homosexual themes. ~

End of the Parade, Coatesville, Pa. by Charles Demuth
1920 / Tempera and pencil on board / Collection of Deborah and Ed Shein












Illustration for Vogue magazine by Robert Evans Locher
ND / Ink and watercolor / The RISD Museum, Providence, RI

June 5~ Pride Month

Charles Shannon and Charles Ricketts

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Artistic and personal partners for more than fifty years, Ricketts and Shannon designed and illustrated books, established an occasional art journal, The Dial, in 1889 and founded the Vale Press in 1894. Named after their house, The Vale, in Chelsea, they published a total of about 75 books, including a complete reprint of the works of Shakespeare.
~The Fitzwilliam Museum

Mr Charles Ricketts and Mr Charles Hazelwood Shannon [Part IX]
by Sir William Rothenstein / 1897 / Tate Britain, London, UK

Don Juan challenging the Commander by Charles Ricketts
c.1928 / Oil on canvas / Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

Charles de Sousy Ricketts by Charles Haslewood Shannon
1898 / Oil on canvas / National Portrait Gallery, London, UK


Artist Birthday Quiz for 6/16~

What Russian painter and designer followed her early Impressionist period in the early 1900s with a succession of styles including a near-abstract Rayonist style, Cubism, Futurism and other idioms?

What artist, closely associated with the development of Pop art in the early 1960s, frequently affixed everyday objects such as tools, rope, shoes, articles of clothing, and even a bathroom sink to his canvases?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/10~

This Danish-German Neoclassical painter concentrated on heroic figure compositions; working primarily in pencil, chalk, watercolor, and tempera and rarely in oil.

This Russian artist began his career as an illustrator and painter but went on to revolutionize scenery and costume design and to influence the fabrics and fashions of his day.

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