October 9, 1936~ Hoover Dam begins transmitting electricity to Los Angeles

Power House Abutments, Boulder Dam (later Hoover Dam)
by Stanley Huber Wood

1934 / Pencil, watercolor, and ink on paper / 18”x20 1/5” / Created under the Public Works of Art Project
Published as part of “Boulder Dam in Color: A Portfolio of Watercolors” in the May 1934 issue of Fortune magazine

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What artist, who rose to fame with illustrations mocking the customs of French society during the Belle Époque, was also a painter, printmaker and draftsman?

What French-born American photographer built 4 customized telephoto lenses and 3 close-up cameras, with which he magnified the beauty and intricacies of the world?

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To achieve accuracy in his enormous Raft of the Medusa, for which Eugène Delacroix posed as one of the figures, this painter used a model of the raft and carefully studied real cadavers.

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