Born August 13~ Margaret Tafoya

Maria Margarita “Margaret” Tafoya (August 13, 1904-February 25, 2001) was the matriarch of Santa Clara Pueblo potters. Santa Clara Pueblo is famous for producing hand-crafted pottery, specifically blackware and redware with deep engravings.
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Olla (Water Jar) by Margaret Tafoya
c.1940-1970 / Clay / 5″x5″ / Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York

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Born May 28~ Helen Hardin

Helen Hardin (May 28, 1943-June 9, 1984) was a painter and printmaker whose work featured abstracted Native American iconography. Her mother was painter Pablita Velarde (1918-2006) and her daughter was the artist Margarete Bagshaw (1964-2015).
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Medicine Woman by Helen Hardin
c.1981 / 4-color copper plate lithograph / 24″x18″ / Various private collections

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Born January 24~ Mary Kawennatakie Adams

Mary Kawennatakie Adams (January 24, 1917-May 23, 1999)
was a Mohawk First Nations textile artist and basket maker.

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Wedding Cake Basket by Mary Kawennatakie Adams
1986 / Woven sweetgrass and ash splint / 25 1⁄2″x15 3⁄4″ / Smithsonian American Art Museum, DC

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