Call for Artists: International Online Only Exhibition

Cheryl-Nemazie-Synthetic-Beach-Am-Lands-2012-copyCheryl Nemazie, Synthetic Beach, photography. From American Landscapes 2012

Watering Holes:
A place for thirsty creatures to gather and quench their thirst. Parisians at a cafe, bikers at a bar, or giraffes at a river. Around the world we visit to drink and communicate; to caffeinated, hydrate, and intoxicate. MFA (Maryland Federation of Art) invites artists around the world to enter original 2D and 3D artwork in this international online only exhibition. Works selected will be displayed in MFA’s online gallery from June 1 to July 15, 2016. The exhibition’s chairs are Richard Niewerth and Wil Scott.

Deadline is May 3

Artist Birthday Quiz for 3/30~

Which artist’s painting is considered the first life-sized nude portrait of a female without an allegorical or mythological context?

Which artist was a junior clerk, teacher, bookseller, student, and preacher before deciding at age 27 to become an artist?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 3/28~

This artist renounced painting for several years after becoming a Dominican friar, not resuming until 1504.

One of few women painters to receive significant exposure in the fifties, this artist’s press coverage included being featured in “Life” in 1957 and “Newsweek” in 1959.

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 3/26~

Which artist’s best-known work is his “Bible in Pictures”, a collection of 240 engravings of scenes from the Bible?

Which photographer notably chronicled Paris during the years he lived in a Left Bank guesthouse now remembered as “the Beat Hotel”?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 3/25~

What sculptor, before beginning his most famous monument, worked on a high- relief carving in Georgia which was eventually completed by other artists?

What artist joined forces with Olivier Mosset, Michel Parmentier, and Niele Toroni to form BMPT, a Paris-based late modern art group?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 3/24~

Which artist decided to start a domestic furnishing company along with the friends who assisted him in designing the interior of his own home?

What artist was initially drawn to music, but began exhibiting as a painter in 1909 in Amsterdam?

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