Born December 4~ Gae Aulenti

Gae Aulenti (December 4, 1927-October 31, 2012) was an Italian architect whose work included industrial and exhibition design, furniture, graphics, stage design, lighting and interior design.
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Sgarsul Rocker designed by Gae Aulenti for Italian brand Poltronova
1962 / Leather, Wood / 33″x28-3/4″x35-2/5″ / Photo Centro Studi Poltronova

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November 6, 1917~ Bolsheviks launch October Revolution [Oct. 24, Old Style]

Architectonic Painting by Lyubov Popova

1917 / Oil on canvas / 29 13/16”x21” / Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 11/6~

Self Portraits~August 30

Self-Portrait, New York City  by  Richard Avedon

2002 / Gelatin silver print / Sheet: 24 7/8”x57” / Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Self Portrait with Red Braces  by
David Hockney

2003 / Watercolor on paper
/ 24”x18 1/8”
/ Private collection

Artist Birthday Quiz for 10/24~

What noted Russian Impressionist landscape and genre painter was also a theater artist, set designer, costume designer, and theorist of art?

What Austrian artist lived in London after fleeing the Nazis with her mother, whose aging and death she later portrayed in a series of paintings?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 7/18~

Which painter’s portrait of Louis XIV in his coronation costume set the image of what a state portrait should be: column and background landscape, glistening drapes, solemn pose, intense colors?

Which artist conveyed Futurism’s fascination for the energy of modern life with  his own personal style, approaching pure abstraction and rendering motion by showing simultaneous aspects of a moving object?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 7/10~

What Greek artist, sculptor, and set designer — whose work influenced the development of the Surrealists and Dadaists — initiated a return to classical themes during the 1920s?

What French artist, an Expressionist painter first and foremost, also explored the disciplines of lithography, engraving, sculpture, set design, and illustration?

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 6/10~

This pioneering figure in the history of modernism flouted the authority of the state by publicly refusing the award of the Legion of Honor, declaring his independence from any form of government.

This painter was one of the principal exponents of Fauvism, however during his lifetime he went on to adopt Cubism and eventually Classism.

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Marc Chagall: Born July 7, 1887

Chagall himself said he was a dreamer who never woke up. “Some art historians have sought to decrypt his symbols,” says Jean-Michel Foray, director of the Marc Chagall Biblical Message Museum in Nice, “but there’s no consensus on what they mean. We cannot interpret them because they are simply part of his world, like figures from a dream.” ~The Elusive Marc Chagall, Smithsonian, December 2003